Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Ten Pun Tuesdays Part 1- (Oneliner Jokes)

By: Michael Mupotaringa On: 12:25 AM
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  • 1. Your girlfriend is so old you're "Carbon dating".

    2. When you sell your body to pay for School it's called PROSTI-TUITION.

    3. A guy who uses every hour to tell his girlfriend he loves her is like a matress. - He is sprung.

    4. There's a secret organization that watches Facebook posts. It's called the "FB-Eye"

    5. A spammers philosophy is 50 Cent inspired, "Get REACH Or Die Rying".

    6. I love listening to songbirds and also DUCK poets.

    7. Stephen was stoned to death, I wonder what type of weed he was on.

    8. In many cartoons cats and dogs reign.


    Q.How do government people get transport?

    A. They use Taxes.


    Q. If a comedian starts a bus company, what will it be called?

    A. Oneliner


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