Who Is Tsano?

By: Michael Mupotaringa On: 5:58 PM
Tsano is a 36 year old comic Character from Mcpotar's mind who is dying to make silly remarks about serious issues.

The first Tsano was published in late 2013, but more comic strips were made in 2014 before the project took a halt. In 2015 there were few Tsano jokes made till later in the year. In 2016 this blog was established to restart the idea of Tsano.

How Tsano Came Up

During late 2013, I took interest in humour writing. I wanted to use more humour and satire in my articles so I started researching a lot on the subject. Around those days Simba Thecomic King advertised a Stand Up Comedy workshop which was organized by "Simuka Comedy:The Official Zimbabwean Stand Up Comedy Night" and Pamberi Trust at the Book Cafe (Samora).
On a Saturday morning I linked up with Anna T Gowera to go there. I knew she'd love it because she has a funny bone herself plus she is a good writer. We also met Tendekai Tati and Prosper the Comic Pastor there.

Got there met a lot of comics and Doc Vikela was the panelist. Both Doc and Simba gave us insights on the art of comedy we even had improv practicals and I know that I was motivated through that experience. I lived in Karoi those days because I was working there for that season.

When I got to Karoi I got to my Corel Draw and drew so many characters. I even had one which both Tadiwa Chimbodza and IAm Sharky thought reminded them of TED (the talking teddy bear from the movie). Sharky and Tadiwa hadn't even met by the way. So I dropped him, I didn't want a me too product. I tried afew other characters till I came up with this simple face ... he was meant to have hair but I figured he was better without it. I wasn't trying to draw Sir Nige at all. I called him Tsano and he was going to carry my dry jokes till they got better.

See before the Tsano character I had written several jokes in text but they would rotate around Whatsapp without my credits and return back to me edited. Tsano was going to make my jokes official. Tsano was also going to let me air out the truth without me having to take the bullets...
This year Tsano is trying new things. If you have a publication in which you'd like to include him please contact me. I am ready to take this to the next level.
This is one of the first 5 Tsano's ever made:


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